We are a financial, legal, and genealogical research firm.

Banks, insurance companies, brokerages, and government entities are regularly trying to locate people. We help them.

Financial Auditing

Companies are in a constant state of change. Mergers and acquisitions involve myriad transactions and mllions of dollars. Mistakes happen and money is lost. Our financial auditing expertise uncovers millions of dollars in abandoned and recoverable assets for corporations and individuals across the United States.

Legal Research

Navigating the complex rules of government across more than ten-thousand state and federal jurisdictions is a massive undertaking that takes up most of our time and resources. We started working our first cases out of Chicago in 1983.

Genealogical Expertise

People move, lose touch with families, and pass away without known heirs all the time. Courts and other authorities across the country struggle to establish rightful heirs. Our goal is to help them before assets are lost or forfeited due to escheat or statute of limitations.