Frequently Asked Questions

You Received an Unclaimed Property Letter, Now What?

Thank you for inquiring about the letter you received. This page will help you understand who we are and why we sent you a letter notifying you that you may be owed money. Our company is a financial, legal, and genealogical research firm. We serve as an unclaimed property recovery/management firm on behalf of individuals and companies to attempt to locate the rightful owner(s) of unclaimed funds.

What is unclaimed property and why did you receive this letter?

Unclaimed property comes in many forms: inheritances, unpaid wages, uncashed checks, accounts receivable credit balances, etc.,.  Essentially, unclaimed or abandoned property refers to accounts with no activity or contact with the owner for a year or longer.

But what does that mean to you?

It could mean:

  • You thought you closed an account with a bank when you moved, but there were still funds in the account. The bank has been attempting to locate you to return those funds.
  • You left your employer and moved before they were able to pay you your final wages or reimburse expenses. They have your wages and/or expenses to pay you, but haven’ been able to locate you to send you the funds.
  • You misplaced or forgot to cash a check or use a credit on an account previously issued to you by the company.
  • You were in an area where disaster struck. Your insurance provider owes you money from your claim; however, you had to relocate and your insurance company has had trouble locating you.
  • You are an heir that a court has been unable to locate.
  • A company or a government entity is holding funds due you and is unable to find you.
  • Any number of possibilities…

These are just some of the reasons that funds go unclaimed. When unclaimed funds, regardless of the reason for being unclaimed or abandoned, are not returned to the rightful owners, companies holding those funds must turn them over to the government. Before doing so, companies must attempt to locate the owner by sending a due diligence letter to the last known address. It’s very common for these communications to be missed.

Next steps?

If you are an individual or business referenced in the letter and now have a better understanding of why you received it, please complete the information requested in the mailing, sign, and return it in the envelope enclosed with that mailing. If you have additional questions, contact us or call us at +1 (909) 225-5563.

Is this a scam?

No, this is not a scam. We work to help individuals and companies locate and claim unclaimed property.

Will I be charged a fee to claim these funds?

Our fees vary depending on the nature of the claim, the amount of time we spend on a search, and the location or types of entities involved. Our fees are always stated in advance in our agreements and we never ask for money up front nor do we ask for any payment before we can produce the fund. Our fees always (and only) are paid if and when you are paid your proceeds.

What if it turns out that you were incorrect and I cannot claim the funds?

You have nothing to lose.  We do not want to be paid unless we are able to produce results for you. There will be no cost to you at all unless we are correct and until we are able to help you claim the money.

Can I do this myself? What if I’m not sure how to check if I’m owed this money?

Yes you can. Make a good-faith effort to review your records, then reply to the letter as you deem appropriate. It’s your decision, we only want to help you if you feel our fee is fair and you want to work with us. It is possible that your funds have already escheated to the government. If this is not already the case and you do not reply, the funds will likely be transferred to the government as unclaimed property. If the money is able to be claimed, future claims would then have to be made with the government entity that is holding your property.

How will I know you have received my response?

We will contact you within 4 days of receiving your reply. At that time we will notify you of the exact nature of the claim, explain the claims procedures, and work with you to collect the funds.

How long does it take to receive my funds?

The length of time to claim varies depending on the nature of the claim. Most often it takes about 90-120 days to receive payment, sometimes less. If you have questions, please contact us or call us at +1 (909) 225-5563.